XMA Class Format

All XMA Basic & Intermediate Classes follow this essential format during the foundation building stages of XMA Performance Training.

  1. Intro – Overview for each class to lay out what’s to come during the class
  2. Warm Ups – Calisthenics & Stretches used in Olympic and World Class Training facilities.
  3. Basics – Fundamental body positions and techniques that lay and strengthen the foundation for all stances, punches, kicks, and acrobatic maneuvers to eventually increase levels of skills.
  4. XFs: Xtreme Forms – Choreographed routines synchronized to music that form the training structure for performance.  All Forms have an Intro, Beginning, Middle, and End. Each part combines basic techniques that increase in Speed, Power, Intensity, and Skill Level. These parts are linked together by transitions to create an entire performance and are symbolic of life’s transitions encountered in daily activities.
  5. XKCs:  Xtreme Kicking Combos – Multiple kicking combos and drills designed to develop speed, power, accuracy of technique, and conditioning, as well as linear, lateral, and vertical movements.
  6. Plyometrics – Dynamic movement drills designed for fast-twitch muscle fiber development utilized by all Olympic and World Class training programs as well as NBA and NFL athletes.
  7. Presentation & Performance – Performance and Acting exercises widely used to access levels of emotion and creativity, as well as to enhance posture, presentation, vocalization, breathing, speaking, energy, and charisma.
  8. Conditioning – Exercises to develop and enhance strength, stamina, and core muscle groups to create a rock-solid foundation to advance to higher skill levels.
  9. Cool Down – Quick breathing and meditative exercises to release the energy and intensity to transition out of class.

Current Life Skill


1st LEVEL: Honesty for Ourselves
2nd LEVEL: Honesty for Others
3rd LEVEL: Honesty for Society
4th LEVEL: Honesty for the Universe

2014 Testing & Graduation Dates


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