“Hi Mr. Chat! Hudson and I were discussing ‘Goal Setting’ that he learned at XMA a few months ago and Hudson told me his Goal was to be Student of the Month and be on the school hallway wall in front of the office. In March of 2011, this year a few months after setting his Goal, he is student of the Month!! I attached his picture on the hallway wall in front of the office at his school!! Pretty Cool!!!! Thank You Mr. Chat and everyone at XMA for helping to instill extraordinary characteristics in our children and ourselves!! Bravo!!!” – Colleen McDermott (Mom of Hudson and Emma Bartram)

Jackie Chan: XMA Fan!

“My son Liam is a very active little man. It is always a challenge finding a good place for him to have his birthday. His party at XMA was by far the best he’s ever had. The staff led the party the entire time: First with a quick demonstration to get the kids engaged, and then letting them push their limits with different physical activities safely supervised. I am a stuntman by trade and found myself jealous at all the fun they were having. It was great to have a party where instead of wondering when the cake would come out, the kids didn’t want to miss a second of the fun. When the party ended, the children were happy and exhausted. I as a little concerned that the girls may not have a good time but it turned out to be the opposite — the girls excelled at the events and all of them had a great time. The other parents were so impressed by the excitement of the party and the professionalism of the staff, not only did some of them plan to have their children’s party at XMA in the future, but many signed their children up to take classes at XMA as well. I could not recommend the XMA strongly enough!” – Keith Adams, Kill Bill 1 & 2 Stunt Coordinator

“XMA has been phenomenal for my daughter.  Her confidence has blossomed to amazing heights.  She is much more flexible,  physically fit and respectful.    She can’t get enough of it.  The instructors are encouraging and masters at what they teach. She is excited by the constant learning and challenges, both physically and mentally.  There is no doubt she loves it.  I often walk into her room and find her practicing her XMA techniques.  It is by far the best investment a parent can make for their child’s growth.” – Alex Taylor, Charly Taylor’s dad and owner of the Sanford Meisner Studio.


I ache in places I didn’t know could ache but….. What a great time!!

You and Nick and Josh were stupendous. Everything… even the little bit with the extras ending class…looked fantastic. The stunt sequence was perfect and the ease and grace that everyone executed it over and over was nothing short of amazing. Plus, getting your lines in 2-3 takes, with the stupid gong flying in, was unbelievable. Your professionalism as coordinator and performer made something that should have taken a day to itself, fly by in a few hours. Congratulations.

I really appreciate the kind words about my work. It is always a privilege and this time, a joy. I hope there will be more occasions for us to work together in this capacity. In the meantime, thank you for all you did. And I will be back at XMA next week to toss my cookies in Cage, yet again. Thanks for everything, my friend.


Jason Alexander
Actor, Seinfeld

“I was first introduced to XMA and Mike Chat by attending a Camp Chat back in 2002. What an experience! The energy, passion, and motivation shared was contagious! I was fired up and ready to learn more. Our dojo has since purchased the entire XMA curriculum. Not only has it helped take our instructors’ motivation & skills to the next level, it’s been a great retention tool for our students. The DVD’s are professional with easy to learn instruction and demonstrations, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

Thanks Mike, you are a pioneer in the sport!” – Edward Mercer, Marketing Director, XMA Demo Team Captain / LaVallee’s USA Black Belt Champions / Martial Arts University

“The XMA Training Camp and Seminar provided me with access to the highest quality of affordable product and service information available. Mr. Mike Chat and his XMA Staff shared their knowledge and expertise in a high-energy environment that had everyone from World Champions to the newest student glowing with XMA energy! I encourage everyone who is seeking an exciting, real life-changing experience with positive results to check out XMA today!” – M.Gregory Smith, Owner / Instructor, Calgary Martial Arts Academy, Canada

“I had an amazing at experience at the XMA World Headquarters when I attended their seminar in January.  The studio was unlike any other martial arts school I have ever seen – with the built in trampolines, state of the art light and sound system, amazing art work and big screen TV’s.  But even with all of the cool and modern amenities, the one thing that I was most impressed with was the professionalism of Mr. Chat and his incredible staff.  I had the privilege of being taught by World Champions and stunt men who were some of the nicest people I have ever met.  They pushed me to be my best and took the time to work with me one on one to improve my technique and form.  I congratulate Mr.Chat and his staff for creating such a phenomenal training facility!”  – Mike Zandri, Zandri’s Martial Arts

“We wanted to take a moment to share our appreciation for your endless energy and fantastic XMA camp.  We brought our daughter, Alicia, son, Brandon and instructor, Jamie Flores.  Not only was the training itself at an Olympic level for the participants but the instruction from you and your staff revealed insights and tips that spectators could use as well.  Our children and Mr. Flores came back to our school with a renewed energy and focus, and I learned ways to make my classes more engaging – even after 30 years of teaching!

The attention to detail and personal guidance given during the private lesson was also very much appreciated.

We cannot say enough about your program and staff!  We hope to get all of our seniors to one of your camps!” – Rick & Jennifer Jones, North County Martial Arts

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1st LEVEL: Honesty for Ourselves
2nd LEVEL: Honesty for Others
3rd LEVEL: Honesty for Society
4th LEVEL: Honesty for the Universe

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