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The flagship XMA World Headquarters is a state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind  facility to combine so many disciplines coor­dinated by extensive programming under one roof.  As seen on the Emmy Award-winning Discovery Channel documentary, XMA (Xtreme Martial Arts) signifies the tran­sition of martial arts from the traditional towards the contemporary.  Having evolved from ancient forms of self­ defense, the modern martial arts movement is now more sport and entertainment while still remaining true to the time-honored principles of Honor, Discipline, Integrity, and Respect. This is not evolution, its the XMA Revolution!

XMA is a fusion of all martial arts styles, blended together with performance  arts, high-flying acrobatic maneuvers, and the hottest Hong Kong, chop-socky-style action!  At the basic levels, XMA is a non-violent, performance  based program. Martial arts is used as a tool to develop Life and Leadership Skills through curriculum based belt ranking training.  At the high end, students can reach elite levels, compete on the international stage, and even go head-to­ head with Hollywood’s Elite! Our mission is to develop well rounded individuals  that think globally and are socially conscious who will lead others, one black belt at a time!

About XMA Classes

XMA Staff: Our world class staff includes World Champion Martial Artists, Cirque du Soleil & Ringling Bros Acrobats, Stunt Coordinators & Professionals who have a passion for developing students with over 15 – 20 plus years of teach­ing experience.

XMA Community Outreach: XMA HQ is committed to serv­ing our local community, businesses  and the NoHo Arts District.  We work with and support over 40 local elemen­tary, middle and high schools who have raised over $40,000 from XMA donations over the past three years.

XMA Parties & Events: XMA HQ produces amazing par­ties and events for birthdays, school groups, non-profit or­ganizations and custom corporate and entertainment events. XMA has been the choice of numerous Hollywood A-list Celebrities and their agents.

Servicing the Entertainment  Industry: XMA HQ is a full service production facility available for location shoots, rehearsals and castings. We are referred by producers, agents, managers, publicists and casting directors for development of talent and casting. Boasting the best in class for every aspect of the entertainment students and professionals are trained to  for commercials, television, film, and more.

About XMA Classes
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Current Life Skill


1st LEVEL: Honesty for Ourselves
2nd LEVEL: Honesty for Others
3rd LEVEL: Honesty for Society
4th LEVEL: Honesty for the Universe

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