SHIFT by Dana Perri

If you’re looking for a challenge in an inspiring and motivating environment, this is it!

Get a full body workout in a high energy, low impact class where we mix it up using lightweights, resist-a-bands and medicine balls.  This circuit training-inspired approach pushes you to your limits and is designed to increase your physical strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health. Targeting every muscle in your body, Dana’s endless variety of exercises will energize and tone your mind, body and spirit.

Feel the energy from those around you at SHIFT.  Come experience the fun and excitement this class has to offer!  In the end, you’ll leave feeling exhilarated.

Meet Dana Perri.

Age 5: Swimmer and gymnast. Age 20: College graduate. Today: One of the most sought after personal trainers of her generation. Dancer. Cirque du Soleil Artist. Aerialist. Choreographer. Athlete. Personal Trainer. Group Fitness Instructor. Life Coach. Nutritional Consultant.

Her positive energy is contagious. Her individual attention to her clients and students is unparalleled. Her sincere concern for others is magnetic.

For over a decade, Dana Perri has helped over 100,000 people reach personal physical, mental, and emotional goals through her unique approach to health and fitness.

TODAY…Dana brings you SHIFT
Shaping How I Feel Today.

Dana makes the SHIFT environment different with her unique expertise.

With her passion to motivate those around her to defy limitation and embrace strength, Dana takes you on a journey of self-exploration. Through her real and direct process, truth is forced to the surface. This sometimes uncomfortable and scary place is where growth begins. It’s all about igniting the mind first, having a clear intention, and starting the process.

Now you can visualize your new life. Now is the time to make you a priority. Now make your dreams a reality.

Transform from the inside out.




* Visit Dana’s Website at www.shiftbydanaperri.com

Current Life Skill


1st LEVEL: Honesty for Ourselves
2nd LEVEL: Honesty for Others
3rd LEVEL: Honesty for Society
4th LEVEL: Honesty for the Universe

2014 Testing & Graduation Dates


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